About Us



With the hectic pace of today’s society, it has become increasingly important to take an occasional break to rest, relax and recharge our batteries. Yet few of us have the time to plan for these essential escapes. At Travelworks we are dedicated to helping today’s busy professionals plan meaningful itineraries for personal vacations, company business and corporate events.

Our core value comes from consulting with you, learning what’s important and then building the perfect, personalized trip or event to meet your needs. You dream it and we’ll build it!

Our business is helping people get where they need to be in a time and cost-efficient manner, with less wear and tear.

We can do this because we bring to the table over 50 years combined experience in corporate travel management, meetings and events coordination, and vacation destination planning. We are thoroughly familiar with global markets in Europe, Latin America & Asia Pacific.

As a team of highly committed travel professionals, we are experienced in international business in a corporate environment and are dedicated to providing the highest level of Concierge Service.






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