Corporate Services


To meet the challenges and constant changes in business practices, busy professionals today are faced with doing more work in less time. Enlightened companies understand that people are their greatest asset, and that corporate profits derive from their energies and creativity. These companies ensure that employees have a chance to recharge their minds and bodies, whether through off-site meetings, short getaways, or weekend retreats.

This is where Travelworks comes in. We believe that well-planned, hassle-free travel and meetings are an important element in corporate business. Short, successful retreats are a vital part of this equation, as busy professionals reset the balance and view challenges in a fresh, new environment.

Our knowledge and relationships in the travel industry have enabled us to build an industry-best travel and meetings company that brings together the key elements necessary to deliver ultimate client satisfaction. By providing the response and flexibility of a small business with the efficiency and leverage of a large company, we excel in delivering CONCIERGE SERVICE.

We are committed to delivering:

  • Total Client Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Standards of Service
  • Substantial Cost Savings
  • A Dynamic and Successful Partnership







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